"I hate this place..."


About Updates

by QuietClayton

Hi everyone!! Fist off thanks for reading, I appreciate everyone who reads and all the comments you leave. It's nice to know somebody at least looks at this stuff!

Since I started the It's New Day! here on Comic Fury, I have tried to post a page a day..that is once I figured out how to work the site properly. For a week now youve got a new page every day, but now I'm afraid it will have to drop to one page a week. If IND! was a sketched comic I could most likely do a page a day, but it takes more than a day to get the artwork and coloring done..sometimes four or five depending on my schedule. So to give myself some semblance of a buffer zone I'm going to the weekly update.

I hope to throw in some comic related artwork soon, some background pages with sketches and such once more characters are introduced, but they wont count for the weekly update. So keep watching for updates and enjoy!! least I hope you enjoy IND!...or at least tolerate it enough not to throw rotten vegetables at your monitor when you pull up the page. 

Thank you


This is IT

by QuietClayton

Firs blog entry. Whoot.